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About Aussie Stays

Aussie Stays was created by Steve and Miho Byrne in Akita City, Japan. Steve is from Perth, Western Australia, and moved to Akita in 1996. Miho is native to Akita, and has lived in Tokyo, New Zealand and Australia. Mihofs background is hospitality, travel and customer relations. She has worked in the Hotel Industry in Tokyo, and for a travel company in Akita. Stevefs working background is Education and Engineering, and he has a passion for travel.

In 2000, Steve took his first group of Junior High School students to Perth for a homestay during the summer vacation. Soon after this, he met University students wanting to study in Australia. After researching the English Language Colleges in Perth the first gStudystayh student ventured to Perth. This began Miho and Stevefs interest in cross-cultural communication beyond what they had enjoyed in their own interaction. We became very keen to introduce the beautiful city of Perth to all the people we meet.

Over the next 5 years the number of people who went to Perth with Steve and Mihofs help grew year by year. All who returned heaped praise on the city and the school, and told us about their wonderful time. This lead to the creation of gAussie Staysh in June 2005. A small home-company that cares about the people we meet as our own family, and does its best to ensure a happy and trouble free time in Australia.

Many people we met asked us about living in Australia for longer periods of time. To accomodate long stays, Steve visited many of the fully-furnished accommodations available in Perth and set up relationships with people there who could care for Aussie Stays clients. This has lead to the Longstay service becoming available.

Aussie Stays future plans include catering for Weddings in Perth (as we have already successfully organized a wedding there for our best friends in Akita), Golf Stays, and Fishing Stays. We believe Perth is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, and are excited about introducing it to friends and people from all around the world.

Miho and Steve hope you enjoy visiting Aussie Stays Website, and if you have any questions at all, please donft hesitate to contact us, and wefll get in touch with you straight away.
Thanks for taking the time to read about us. Enjoy the Day.

Kind Regards,

Steve & Miho Byrne

To read more about what some of our clients have said about Aussie Stays and Perth, please see our Testimonials page.
To read more about Aussie Stays, or print out some info, click Aussie Stays Pamphlet (pdf format).

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